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Barramundi in Jurassic Park

Over a few decades, we have been fishing off NT, Australia in specifically Barramundi Sportfishing Safaris provided by top guides in the region and in the area of Barramundi. We have had our fair share of hits, hookups, landings, misses and dropoffs of both large and small Barramundis. Fishing in runoffs in Mary River, Shady Camp to remote camps in Manigrada, remote islands in Endyalgout Island and on motherboats in the Groote regions. Continuous fishing pressures from commercial and recreational anglers have made the hunt for the “elusive” metre-sized Barramundi more and more difficult each season. Sometimes, we are faced with high seasons where many boats can congregate in small sections of the productive rivers and creeks. We decided to move away from the madding crowd and fish further into Queensland. We learn that these Barramundis are too found in good numbers and large sizes in this place. So here we are, in an almost Jurassic setting, the quiet waters with the mountain ranges and the Unesco Heritage Rainforest present us with an almost tranquil feel. At last, we don’t see another boat fishing alongside us or beating us to a favourite spot. It did not take long for Bob to hook onto his metre Barramundi, and also noticeably is the coolness of the guide in handling the fish. Instead of the urgency to net the fish, he did not even have a landing net…he was more ready with his camera to take footages for his Barra Basics course but then it is also he has landed almost 2000pcs of Metre-Sized Barramundi for his clients over his entire career as a sportfishing guide. Here’s a glimpse of one of the metre Barramundi. Enjoy!

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Barramundi Safari Revealed

IMG_1469Its the dream of any serious fisherman to want to have the opportunity to take a break from the stressful routine of work or school life to fish in such a remote location such as Endyalgout Island, Northern Territory, Australia. It’s a chance of a lifetime to make contact with nature and to listen to surf of the beach and at the same time to be fishing with your best friend and sharing experience with them along with the experienced guides.

Hearty Chuckles and friendly rivalry can be enriching as we escape into this remote location trying to outfish each other but mostly ourselves as we participate in this more than act of fishing. The complete experience of arriving early in the morning via Jetstar or Qantas and meeting the eager guide in his 4×4 Landcruiser and flying further in on a smaller AirNorth plane into the remote plains if weather permits the landing of the propellor aircraft. The Check-in is impeccable as we get picked up by a tractor to bring us from the landing point to our land based camp. The mosquito netting of our camp in good condition to keep out any mozzies and the elevated tent clearly shows that we have to be higher to avoid possible crocodiles coming in for a snack as well.

Fishing is just paradise with multiple creeks and river systems to explore which constantly change with the tides and each new season will present different holes and holding areas as the large floods wash off the favourite spot of last year.

Throw in a few good size Barramundi and the plentiful casting opportunity not knowing when you will hookup a good one. Simply a sport with skills needed to bring your lures close into the strike zones and bringing the hooked fish out of the snags. Mud crabs makes good snack before our dinner beef or Barramundi steak.

Return in the late afternoon to relax by the “bar” over a few VBs or XXXX and enjoy the surf of waves as you watch the sea eagles pick up scraps from the beach. Chill out over chips and jerky as you await the sunset and a quick hot bush shower as you prepare for dinner and star gazing the milky way in the almost darkness surroundings. Celebratory stories and the misses as we look forward to the next 5 days of almost wonderful fishing holiday.