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Catching Threadfins


Catching Threadfins with School of Fish, Singapore…much have been said about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and we were rewarded with 2 ends of the rainbow as normally we see only 1 end. For the avid anglers, the pot of gold must be to catch your targeted species during the hunt or we call “Fishing Safari”. Here we managed to catch on our humble GoPro some snippets of our fight with these predators…King Threadfin Salmon. Words from our guide, Ryan Moody…After barra, King Threadfin Salmon (Polydactylus sheridani) are perhaps the most highly prize tropical estuary sports fish in Australia. Anglers that have accomplished a metre plus barra, often turn their attention to metre plus threadfin as they pull like schoolboys and are surprisingly hard to catch until you work them out. They are also FUN! Threadfin are often unpredictable during the fight, screaming away in one direction before speeding back toward the boat, requiring a mad dash from the angler to recover line and stay connected. Visit   for blogs and luring ideas
Another fact: The rainbow signifies to believers that God will not destroy the earth again by flooding as happen in Noah’s days…remembering our Creator.