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Little Lucifer Hellraiser.pic 1Little Lucifer Hellraiser

The Hellraiser came about due to Reidy’s being continually asked for a shallow diving Little Lucifer.  After exhaustive development and trialing the Hellraiser was released to the market. With a diving depth of around 2 to 3 feet this lure is ideal for coastal and estuary flats by casting at drains, sand flats and mangroves for species such as Barra, flathead, salmon (both northern and southern varieties), Tailor, Trevally and many other fish. The Hellraiser is also great to use in billabongs, impoundments and inland estuaries especially casting over weedbeds or shallow structure. Species such as Barra, Sooty Grunter, Murray Cod, Trout, Tarpon, Redfin, Yellowbelly and many types of freshwater fish. The lure is fitted with 2 VMC heavy duty (3xstrong) trebles and HD split rings. The lure is 65mm in length and weighs 8.5 grams.

J walker.pic 1J Walker

The J Walker is one of the latest lures to enter the Reidy’s range. The designer (MR REIDY’S) Jeff Reid developed the lure to add to the surface lure range at Reidy’s. The J Walker is a “walk the dog” style surface lure & when working the rod tip the lure works in a side to side motion across the surface of the water. The J Walker imitates fleeing prey on the water surface & the most exciting use of surface lures is that you see the action. The lure is great for any surface feeding fish The J Walker is 100mm in length & weighs in at 32g. The lure is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 1 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings.

Junior B52.pic1Junior B52

One of the latest additions to the Reidy’s range is the smaller B52. After many requests from fisho’s for a smaller version of the popular B52 the team worked on this version from September 2007 & have sent approximately 800 testing lures around Australia. The test feedback was excellent & from this there were minor changes made to the lure. The “Junior” will swim down to a metre & is slow to rise when paused making this an excellent lure around shallow snags & weed beds. With constant twitches of the rod tip the lure will dart & imitate a scared baitfish. The lure can also be trolled with success at slow troll speeds with gentle twitches of the rod tip for the dart & pause effect. This was the method used at Shady Camp Freshwater billabong on a testing session & the results were fantastic. The Junior B52 is 100mm & weighs 16g. The lure is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 2 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings. The body & bib are made from ABS plastic.

Bloopa.pic 1The Bloopa

The Bloopa has been in the Reidy’s stables for many years & was retired whilst the J Walker was being developed but after many requests for the lure the team at Reidy’s gave the lure a face lift (new colours) & it is now back in production. When worked with big twitches of the rod tip the lure sends out bloops & along with water disturbance surface feeding fish are attracted. The Bloopa is 85mm in length & weighs 12g; the lure is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 4 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings. The body of the lure is made from ABS plastic.

B52 pic 1B52

B52 is the iconic lure of the Reidy’s range & has an envied reputation as one of the best Barra lures on the market. The B52 is used all over Australia but its main use is in Northern Australia catching big Barra. The B52 is also used on many other species of tropical fish as well as Southern species such as Australian Salmon, Tailor, Trout, Kingfish & many other estuary & coastal species. The lure has a distinctive rolling action & slower tail beat than other Reidy’s products.. With the rolling action, the lure being a shallow diver it can flash its colours with sunlight penetration & attract predators. The lure is 125mm in length & weighs 25g & has a reputation of being one of the best cast & retrieve lures in the market. The body flashing can be further highlighted by twitching the rod tip so the lure will dart & flash like a fleeing bait fish. The B52 can also be used as a trolling lure & again by twitching the rod tip the lure will dart & pause like bait fish. The B52 is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 1 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings & has internal rattles. The body & bib are made of ABS plastic. The lure dives to approx 1.5 metres under normal trolling conditions & is a slow trolling lure.

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Hellraiser – 008, Hellraiser – HGB, Hellraiser – Karens Pearl, Hellraiser – C50, Hellraiser – H035, J.Walker – GO, J.Walker – 008, JWalker – Karens Pearl, J.Walker – SM, J.Walker – Midnight, Junior B52 – H-SBR, Junior B52 – 008, Junior B52 – GO, Junior B52 – Adrenaline Rush, Junior B52 -H-GB, Bloopa -GO, Bloopa – SM, Bloopa – Luminous, Bloopa – 008, Bloopa – Karens Pearl, B52 – GO, B52 – 008, B52 – H-SBR, B52 – Clear Aqua, B52 – Adrenaline Rush LLJunior B52 – H-SBR


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