Big Barramundi

Welcome to School of Fish!

School of Fish, Singapore is an exciting initiative designed to accurately impart our learned skills to participants to kick-start their passion for recreational Sport fishing. This is a fun, hands-on outdoor fishing activity in our beautiful parks that makes it a perfect fit for the busy Singaporeans and visitors to our sunny island who can afford a few hours to learn a skill that will be with them for the rest of their lives. All, including the very young, primary & secondary students, teenagers, adults, retirees and their families as well as organized groups of all ages and abilities stand to benefit from this experience.

Why learn to fish correctly?

They say “…teach a man to fish…feed him a lifetime” and our founders, also instructors who are also entrepreneurs have fished since they were kids and have benefitted much from this sport. We feel it is our social responsibility to pass on this passion to the next generation to be in-touch with nature or outdoor learning.