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Luring Threadfin Salmon with Tim at School of Fish Singapore

Estuaries make up a large proportion of areas fished by anglers, particularly in the northern coastal areas of Australia in the search of estuary species such as Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon. Accurate casting is the key to success in these estuaries as it is hardly a random cast when you are out hunting for these predators who themselves are out hunting for the preys such as herrings, mullets that swim into the safe haven of the shallow water during the low tides. At least that’s what the baitfish thinks and that’s what are lure is supposed to behave…a foolish bait fish. Casting it into the strike zone and then working the lure to imitate the movements of these bait fish just to get whack by these predators is something we anticipate even before we do get whacked. The moment your lure gets the attention and the hits,misses & hookups just sends the chills down your spine. Fighting it well to land and a quick photo before the safe release is what the sport fishermen aspires…on to the next target then.

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