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Monster Barramundi Fishing with Tim in Australia

Travelling and Fishing Northern Australia…what every sport fishermen ever spawned dreams of an extended fishing holiday to some remote and wild location where species would queue up to smash their well-presented bait or lure. This is the ultimate sportfishing “sportfish” and the big barramundi is what many anglers would dream of landing.  It involves constant homework! If you are into it, it would be expected that you do your homework as to where you may find these monsters, what they eat, types of lures…whether hard or soft, periods where you will find them, guides that would be able to bring you to these locations as well. With all the homework done, you do have to contend to the uncertainties of the current weather patterns or rather not patterns since the uncertainties of storms, cold spell, windy conditions etc. You simply need to have an extra stroke of luck…and it makes a whole lot of difference when you have that divine assistance on your side just to hook them and then land them for that picture before releasing them back it came from….

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