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Coastal Fishing with School of Fish Singapore

The difference in coastal fishing is that you never really know what you would catch or even what’s hook on the other end of your line. With experience, you might have a clue if its a reef fish or a pelagic that snatched your lure. The sporadic turns and jerks may very well give you a small clue that its a grouper. But, when you are hooked on a somewhat pelagic fish, its like a freight train and you can’t do much except to watch your line and await you turn to react with your retrieval of the tens of metres of line that screamed out of your small little baitcaster. Then you begin to wonder if we should chase the fish with the boat as the line thins and the spool is small. It’s a 20 minute fight before you see colour emerging and as it breaks the surface, confirmation of the catch and its a rare Diamond Trevally or some say its a pennant fish. There are like tens of types of trevallies and this is a streamlined rocket which is not as muscular but yet not with a good fight. Caught this with small soft plastic swimbait on a jig head but its the richness of the ocean coupled with the right tidal movements that almost guarantee you a fish, if you know what I mean.

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