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Fishing with Soft Plastics for Big Barramundis

For many years, Big Barramundis safaris where we seek them during runoffs, remote islands has been about using big hard body lures. The larger lure tend to attract the bigger fish or that’s what many thought. But, we know for a fact that an unwilling hunter such as a big Barramundi is often lazy and would not go about out chasing bait fishes with the smaller schoolies, small barras. The idea then is to use a lure too big for small barramundis so that the larger predator can take their time to eat these large hard body lures. Little did we know that if they are unwilling to take a hit at our offerings far away from their mouth that we have indeed to bring the lure closer to their eye level. In fact these big Barras do like soft plastics if only we can bring them closer to them before some small fellow barra swallow the lure that we are trying to entice the big mama to take a hit. Our solution if then to use a weighted Jig Head with our soft plastic shad tail and practically drag it across their nose. It might not get it on the 1st attempt but with repetitions, these soft plastics are just to hard to resist and not hard to swallow…Gulp and we are onto a big one…Metre sized Barramundi, The ultimate sportfish downunder.

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