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Bull Shark Attacks

Bull Shark Attacks! Frustrations arise when the Bulls join in our fun and we can hardly understand why these predators would not seek their own preys but instead choose to snatch our prized catches. Perhaps its the vibes generated by these Barramundis we hooked up and their fight with us turns ugly when a 3rd predator joins in the action. Its not easy to locate these large specimen of Barramundis without the indepth knowledge of established fishing guides. Our fishing is guided too! We don’t have the much needed updated knowledge of the terrain, its snags, new ones or old ones destroyed, flying thousand of miles into a vast territory makes sense that we do need to know the area that we would be hunting. Of course, that’s where these Bull Sharks are lurking too! These Bull Sharks will do their own hunting but nothing gives them more pleasure than to challenge us to the fight. Its common that when we hook up a good sized Barramundi that it would give it a good dash and stripping line off our bait-casters on the outfit that we offer them a fair fight with us. Fair Fight means we give these sport fishes a good chance to break our lines, throw our lures that are hook in their mouths…No oversized tackle, usually our 8-20lb outfit. But, sometimes these put the Barramundis at risks as they fight against us and cause more commotion to attract Sharks or Crocodiles in the vicinity. The Barramundi that we hooked up is the 1st predator that pounced on our soft plastics or hard body lures – a presentation of a helpless prey, that we worked so painstakingly to entice a bite, we the angler is the my idea of the 2nd predator as we strike on the hits and fight to bring the barramundi onto the boat for a quick photo before release. Then out of nowhere, comes a 3rd predator – The Bull Shark that chases our catch – The struggling Barramundi and grabs the Barramundi in its razor shark jaws and runs with it. In the beginning, we might just mistaken that its the big fish putting on a good fight but it becomes weird as the line strips faster than usual or our hooked Barramundi is jumping frantically out of the comforts of the¬†pristine water. Splashes and then the¬†fighting game ends with the line becoming loose, either the Shark has snapped our line or the Barramundi halved and eaten alive. Surprisingly, the massive bleeding does not trigger further attacks from other sharks and for the angler…the meter-sized Barramundi lost!

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