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Estuary Fishing with Soft Plastics


STRONG Winds forecast for the day changed our plans to seek out the larger Barramundis which we had intended to hunt. We were then pushed to fish in the sheltered areas in the vast site. Estuary fishing is not new to us and in fact we have enjoyed doing it over the past decades. We love the flipping of our lures as the boat moves along the rivers in the creeks and locating the hideouts of the Barramundis or Mangrove Jacks we are targeting. No matter how many times you have done this, you will still have a certain sense of anticipation and excitement of a hit, large, small or medium. I have been hit by metre Barramundi when we did not expect only to have my lure smashed against snags or the leap of a large Barramundi only to flick your lure into the air. Knowing where to cast, how to cast and the swift reaction is outmost importance. The use of these weedless rigged DOA Airheads helps us to present our lures closer to the “door” and not far from the strike zone. Knowing that these predators will strike when hungry or angry for territorial reasons will push you to select right colours, shapes and sizes. The DOA Airheads are just about large enough to entice hits…especially when you are fishing in the wild, you will suddenly realise that your tackle, lure is small. Remember that Barramundi can whack a bait 60% of its size just makes you wonder the 5″ swimbait is attractive enough. Select colours to suit the water and clarity etc. Think like a predator and work your lure like a baitfish! Tight lines!

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