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Barramundi Visions & Dreams

Barramundi Safaris are planned almost 1 year ago of trip. Inevitable that the young trippers see visions and old ones dream dreams of catching the elusive 1 metre Barramundi…a dream of almost every tripper, no matter how many times you have been on these trips. Rods and Reels prepared to be able to withstand the week long trip along with extensive research on the guide, their previous trip reports etc is something that should be on the trippers’ minds. Reviews of types of lures and stocking up with enough of multiple types of lures, hard and soft, surface, sinking or mid water, small, medium or larges ones. The plans go a long way and up to the trip, upon arrival to the destination airport, a long drive followed with a good lunch and dinner. The trip begins the next morning and you can get overwhelmed by the vastness and the remoteness of these hunting grounds. To me it seems Jurassic like the movie where we can expect to find monsters but our dreams and visions are about Barramundi…and so it happens, a fight with a metre Barramundi. Watch the video to get a glimpse of our dreams come true!

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