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Welcome to School of Fish!

IMG_5073Who are we?

With our highly trained instructors who are primarily lure-fishermen with high proficiency in baitcasting and spinning tackle as well, we strive to provide you with a fast track and in depth practical lessons for the individuals (male or female, young or matured) who are keen to pick up a valued sport-fishing skill. We will impart to you many valuable lessons in a very short time what it took us many years of research.

Who should join?

  • Individuals who want to learn sport fishing in the shortest time and acquire that skill for the rest of your life. Practical lessons in
  • Parents who want to know what to do when fishing with kids…leading to strong parent & child relationship…common talking points for many years of your lives. With our instructors, you will not look inadequate but rather in control without stress on yourself.
  • with parents to fish with kids, parent-child-grandparent, colleague-colleague, subordinate-boss,
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